Quality is our top priority. Kavianpajouh Guarantees that our products are up to your satisfaction. We hold the highest standard of true representation with our products in our catalog. We believe that technical support is one of the key factors for long-term success so after sales department is in place to ensure that this high standard of support service is delivered to all of our customers.
Supplement the customers with knowledge about use, operation and maintenance of our products. After Sales Technical Service, at Kavianpajouh, is provided by fully trained and highly skilled technicians. The team plays a key role in providing operational and technical service during installation of the products and required technical and operational support after installation. They are supported by the latest information and support systems to ensure best performance and maximum satisfaction of our customers.
Repair Policy
Please note
  • 1-year Guarantee for all Kavianpajouh products
  • The Guarantee is limited to the original owner and is not transferable.
  • A copy of the original guarantee card must accompany any Guarantee claim.
  • The Guarantee is valid provided that the product has not been misused, disassembled, or tampered with in any way. Any attempt to disassemble or repair the product will void the Guarantee.
Our repair policy
If the product is …
covered by Guarantee
We will repair the product and send it back free of    charge.
still under Guarantee, but Kavianpajouh determines that the defect in your product is not covered by the Guarantee
We will contact the owner with an estimate of repair cost for approval.
No longer under Guarantee
The owner must pay all costs of repair and shipment.
We will contact the owner with an estimate of repair cost for approval.

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