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Kavian pajouh.Co.Ltd is a leading supplier of equipment and instrumentation related to laboratory, scientific and research work in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical.

Our wide respected company is always ready to equip your requested instruments in all around of IRAN in the fastest time possible.
In addition to our outstanding portfolio of supplying industry-leading brands and proprietary products, Kavian pajouh.Co.Ltd is renowned for having exceptional customer and technical support. Customers can rely on our team of highly trained technical Application Specialists to assist them in selecting a product tailored to their specific application needs, as well as to help troubleshoot an existing system.
Kavian pajouh.Co.Ltd is exclusive representative of the following brands:
DAIHAN Scientific (South Korea)
DAIHAN Scientific was founded in 1980 and has been broadening its business so far as a leader of Laboratory market in Korea. DAIHAN Scientific have been cooperating with 170 national and international manufacturers and providing over 30,000 laboratory products with services for research, healthcare, industrial, educational, and government customers in the whole nation and even overseas. Recently they have been very focused on developing, manufacturing and exporting Laboratory Instruments in the name of WISD. DAIHAN has achieved CE-mark, CE-MDDand ISO 9001, and ISO13485 Certificates. Products manufactured at WISD are:
WiseBath- Water Baths, Extraction Baths, High-temp. Baths,Shaking Water Baths and Viscosity Baths/WiseCircu- Circulation Water Baths, High-temp Bath Circulators, Refrigerated Bath Circulators and ColdTrapBaths/WiseClave-Autoclaves (Steam Sterilizers)/ WiseClean- Ultrasonic Cleaners/WiseCryo- Freezers & Ultra Low Temperature Freezers/WiseCube- Incubators, Cold Lab Chambers, Growth Chambers and Temp./Humidity Chambers/WiseDoc- Gel Documentation System/WiseMix- Mills, Mixers, Rockers, Rotators and Vortex Mixer/WiseShake- Shakers/WiseSpin- Centrifuges/WiseStir- Magnetic Stirrers, Overhead Stirrers and Jar Testers/WiseTherm- Furnaces, Heating Mantles, Hotplates and Thermo Blocks/WiseTis- Homogenizers/WiseUv- Trans illuminators/WiseVen- Ovens 
COXEM (South Korea)
COXEM is a provider of superb solutions in scanning electron microscope (SEM), scanning probe microscope (SPM), confocal microscope and X-ray fluorescence spectroscope (XRF) for scientific and industrial purposes. COXEM offers a specific system for your needs with an extensive know-how in Nano-metrology. COXEM is a spin-off company from KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards Institute of Standards and Science) and their major shareholders are the governmental funds.
Istek (South Korea)
Istek, Inc. is a leading Korean manufacturer and specialist of lab and process analytical instruments for water quality (Benchtop, portable, online) such as COD analyzer, ECOD analyzer, Multi meter,    (DO-PH-EC) meter.
Mitsubishi Chemical Group (Japan)
Mitsubishi Chemical Group serves customers by using chemistry-based technology platforms for the development of a wide range of products and analyzers in the fields of performance products, health care, and chemicals such as Automatic Titrator  - Karl fisher Moisture Meter - Total organic Halogen Analyzer (AOX)  -Total Nitrogen Analyzer - Trace sulfur Analyzer - Total chlorine/sulfur Analyzer  (TOX).
Lab Spectrum
Lab-Spectrum Instruments Co., Ltd (LSI) is a Hi-Tech enterprise which is professional at R & D, production, sales and service of spectrum analysis instruments and laboratory equipment. With advanced products, modernized management and globalized market’s development strategies, incorporated to over 10 years of extensive product design, manufacturing experience, LSI has quickly taken possession of a lot of the domestic advanced products market, and is expanding gradually to the international market. With our working principle, "Meet your requirements is the purpose of our work ", LSI will provide more and more high quality products to our customers. Currently four series of products have been the supply of international and domestic markets. With the high quality products and thoughtful service, LSI has been established a good reputation in our customers. The products are manufactured in China.



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